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San Cristobal

all seasons in one day

We ended up taking a luxurious coach (this was like £27) for this trip as it was gonna be like 11/12 hours from Oaxcaca to San Cristobal. Was it worth it????... No bcz I did not get any sleep lol.

We had arrived in San Cristobal another small village kinda reminded me of Bicester Village....small, dinky, brightly coloured facades and it had a very mayfair kinda atmosphere is a weird way. I say weird because there were - the rich locals who drove very nice cars, looked very smart. Then you would have the traditional locals who wore brightly coloured woven tops and skirts (for the women) and the men wore these kind of sleeveless overall tops that looked hairy lol - pls refer to the pics.

So far in each place a lot of the people have mobile shops, so wherever they move they take their goods - from clothers, to a juice maker, carts of diff type of nuts....get the picture?

We stayed at the Las Igunas hostel - nice people very laid back and thank god the showers were warm! Several of the people staying here actually work there to because they love the place so much that they don't wanna go home or just are broke and need to raise funds! As soon as we arrived they checked us in (7.30am) which is very rare as they only do this at midday plus we also got breakfast so double :o))

The hostel was located near a small sq with mini shops around and a primary school but very peacefull! A lot of the locals here wore Hollister and Ferrari tops...weird. I also liked that some of the men actually wore cowboy hats lol

I'd must admit today after the bus journey I was tired, shattered and missing home...I know it's not even been a month hahaha. As we walked from the bus station to the hostel I got to see more and less the town So I decided that I was not gonna do anything today apart from chilling. The guys at the hostel were more welcoming which was a bonus.

I actually went out with them to a local bar called 'Revloution Bar' they had a live reggae set for an hour. I tried a local beer here which was an experience because the pitcher was filled to the top with the beer itself and shit loads of....yep you guessed it Tabasco chilli. On the rim of the glasses they were coated with salt....weird taste hahah cz the beer was actually fizzy. The set was amazing very laid back and I do get the feeling the music that the locals love is reggae and salsa but I do hear the odd Akon or Pitbull blasting from car radios or even in the markets!

The second venue that I went to was a Salsa place - this is were I was learnt how to salsa with the locals hahahah very funny. I had a blast met a guy called Paul from sunny Highbury and Islington :o)
Got back to the hostel at 3am...not good because I had to get up by 5.30am as we were going to be picked up by the mini bus for our guided tour for 6am!

I did get up, had the most quickest shower and was ready by 6am-ish. We headed towards a place called Palanque but on the way we stopped off at our 1st waterfall which was called Agua Azul and the second one was called Misol. Dispite the 5 hrs trek here both the waterfalls were amazing!!!!!!!!!!! The 1st one Agua Azul was okay very, extremley powerfull but the colour of the water was very murky which was disapointing - I can only imagine that this was because of the soil being dragged. I went dwn to this big rock thing which was infront of the waterfall just so I can take a picture....did I get wet? Helllll yeah - I was soaked! But by the time we headed back to the coach I was dry :o)

Misol was a lot smaller but needless to say it was also very amazing to look at and the water was vert pristine blue and clean....I was eager to go behind the waterfall but even some of the stronger looking peeps felt the pressure...I thought I'd probably get dragged in it and I wud have got drenched....nothing more annoying is sitting in your wet uddes hahahah.

We finally reached Palanque. This place has the most mind-blowing ruins I have seen so far! Massive....huge....big! If you look at the pictures I look so small compared to them. Palanque is also surrounded amongst a jungle - which we went to seek. We had 2hrs here to explore. There was also a hidden waterfall which was so sublime - again I can not describe the view that I saw. We had to go on a wooden bridge to cross over and I could not help but to actually jump off the bridge and to go towards the waterfall. I managed to get a picture taken before I got whistled by the warden heheheh.

Today I was surrouded by my 2 favourite colours blue and green :o) This trip was amazing and well worth the money that we paid for but boy was it tryring! We did not get home until 11pm and that's when we had dinner. On the way back we experienced the most heavy rain, the sourrounding trees/jungles were all misty/foggy. I saw people just walking alongside the roads from no way going towards no way. Some locals just chillin on the edge of a massive drop and a majority of then were carrying machette knives...litte kids were playing in the rain get all dirty awwww. This pituresque view was wiped away when I saw the reality of where these people live. A big coach had some how just skidded off the main road with people on board. I did think there is no way to get help but at least 10mintues later we did hear sirens - thank god. I was way too scared to sleep on the journey back home.

Last day in San Cristobal and we spent it in the local market, got out bus ticket for our next destination - went back to the hostel for some lunch and then headed to the bus station for our 15.15pm bus to Tulum - did I mention it is going to be a 15hour journey! Oh boy....hope to see you guys over the other side. x

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