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The day before judgment day


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Nervous, anxious, excited, stressed a mixture of feelings. Packing to go on a 2 week holiday is hard as it is but to actual pack for a years trip is erm….bloody hard lol. Pack and repack is how I spent most of today, with my friends coming and going. I can’t believe that tomorrow that I will be actually flying to Mexico City!

I have been asked ‘Y’? To be honest I have always wanted to travel, see what is outside the tiny island of Great Britain and to experience life outside a 9-5pm office role in the city…there must be more to life then this right?!?!?!? I am not looking forward to cold showers. I will find it hard not having a deadline to meet lol, what to do with loads of free time (yes it sounds weird but working non stop after 15 years is gonna be hard), smelly toilets, not having my meals on time, not having hot water on tap hahaha but out of all this if I can come back to London after a year I would be impressed! No doubt I am gonna miss my family esp my nephew and my friends…oh yes the London 2012 Olympics….erm not! Gonna go to bed now as it is like 2am…

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