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El Tunco was the area that we stayed in. A very small area that had more and less everything that you need but a lack of fresh veg..oh yeah another thing you would expect being so close to fresh fish that seafood would be cheap...well think again ££££. I did get crazy over black sand...I remember taking a trip to the beach in the evening and it was bliss. Ok this is gonna sound so corny but what the hell. Imagine a warm breeze, the stars glistening brigtly against the full moon against the strong\wild crazy waves. The size of the pacific was mahussive and powerful no wonder this is one of the best places to come and surf.

Leaving Antigua in an 11 seater we met 2 Canadians Bengy and Alex who were crazy and extremely tall...nothing important just thought I would mention that lol. The border crossing for leaving El Salvador was a breeze but entering Honduras was a joke as we blatantly were ripped off for the entry fee. We then had to leave Honduras (like seconds later lol) so we had to pay the exit fee and the entry fee for entering Nicaragua…phew! Finally in Nicaragua, the journey towards our 1st stop (Managua) was embraced with loads of green scenery but as we entered at the most smallest bus station, Managua reminded me of Hackney/Whitechapel. An area that is close to the city but you can see that the area was still stricken of poverty. We actually decided to use couchsurfing for a couple of nights in Managua. Our host was a 28year fire fighter – to be honest his house was interesting…the walls of each room were not completely intact with the ceiling…does that make any sense? I ended up making the most of our stay there by participating in a bit of break-dancing with his friend’s haha it killed time. Not a place to go out in the evenings. I went to the supermarket to get a load of fresh veg and stuff and it only came up to 50p!!!! I got at least weeks worth as well quality! Anyways, we had left Managua and decided to go to Leon. A colonial place not that far from Managua. When we arrived the weather was shit again…a lot of the activities were cancelled due to this. I basically got to see the whole of Leon in one afternoon so pretty small. I met this couple that had an amazing story which I just so need to share. So they sold more and less everything they had back at home and purchased an American school bus. They had converted this bus in to a caravan/hostel bus which had 6 beds, kitchen and a bathroom; they basically would take on travellers and move around to certain places whilst getting paid! I attended an evening of live jamming session that was also organised by this wacky couple in a small hidden bar. It was amazing…a French rapper, a Brazilian singer, a bongo player, an acoustic guitarist and Jamaican singer…crazy night!

We hit Granada next. Again another colonial town which reminded me of Antigua but slightly nicer. I indulged in some traditional Gallo Pinto (rice and beans) which was rather bland but it’s everywhere so I thought I’d give a go. I met some really cool people at Hostel Oasis…best hostel so far. It had an indoor swimming pool and a whopping 15 pc’s! The weather picked up as well :o) I checked out with Marc (Trinidadian 6’3 dude – who everyone was obsessed with) and Imbla (Israel chica) the nightlife in Granada was happening - a lot of reggae-ton and salsa beats. We stayed in Granada for a few nights and visited Masaya Volcano, Masaya Market and Lago de Apoyo. The volcano trip was crazy we basically hiked up to the crater which was oozing out some heavy sulphur dioxide so we were given gas masks and protective eye gear. We also went in two caves. One that had bats flying around everywhere and the other was just dam scary filled with water, lizards and other creepy crawlies lol. The market was nothing special to be honest but we did come across a school band that was practising. I made a recording of this – I felt I was in the Rio carnival.

Set in a picturesque valley brimming with wildlife, the lovely Lago de Apoyo Crater Lake was wicked. I was kayaking around for a bit, then decided to get in to one of those rubber dingy thingamaging finishing with a bit of tanning (not that I need anymore). The whole day spent was so chilled out – I had a great time.

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